Avondale Stores109 Mardindale Rd
 233 St. Paul Street W
 80 Pelham Rd
 10 Mac Turnbull
 33 Lakeshore Rd @ lake
 260 Lakeshore Rd
 644 Niagara Street
 282 Linwell Rd
 224 Lakeport @ Linwell
 184 Scott St
 362 Scott St
 461 Bunting RD @ Scott
 595 Carlton St (in Plaza)
 198 Cushman Rd @ Welland
 431 Welland @ Gratham
 44 Facer St
 359 Main St, Port
 551 Ontario St
 296 Ontario St @ Carlton
 115 Carlton St
 74 1/2 Queen St
 191 Welland Ave @ Geneva
 186 Weschester Ave
 106 Rockwood
 429 Glendale Ave
 209 Glendale Ave
Mart Convenience211 Mardindale Rd
Gales Gas bar234 St.Paul St. W
 157 Collier Rd
Pelham Convenice198 Pelham RD
Linwell Variety486 Grantham @ Linwell
Giant Tiger350 Scott St
 120 Welland Ave
Hasty Market183 Lake St
Big Bee Variety134 Lake St
 225 Queenston ST
Zway Quick Market247 Welland Ave
Kiwanis Aquatic Carlton St @ Niagara
Lotto ShopFairview Mall Geneva St
Kiwanis Apartment321 Geneva st
Shoppers 143 Hartzell Rd
Milk Maid325 Merritt St
Way 2 Convenien258 Merritt St @ Glendale
Buck or two9 Pine St. N
Avondale Stores62 St.David Rd, W
 Richmond Plaza
 543 Allenbug Rd
Vineland:3916 Victoria Ave
Beamsville:5009 King St W
Niagara Falls: 
Avondale Stores7168 Dorchester rd
 8251 Willoughby Rd
 6175 Dunn St
 7801 Portage
 6678 Riall St
 2895 StPaul Ave Plaza
 3869 Montrose Rd
 6188 Scott @ Duummond
 7637 Landys Lane
 5473 Highland Ave
 6874 Kalar Rd
 8214 Lundays Lane
 5233 Stanley Ave
The Store5056 Montrose Rd
Jolly Variety6636 Baker 
Hasty Market4985 Bridge St
Busy Bee5203 Victoria Ave
 5869 Main St
Fort Erie: 
Avondale Stores574 Central Ave
 3231 Snyder Rd
 3860 Doninion Rd, Rgwy
AvonmartGarrison Rd
Erie Variety1620 Dominion Rd
 427 Garrison Rd #6
Niagara on the Lake:
Avondale Stores1501 Niagara Stone Rd
 238 Mary St, NOTL
 1401 York Rd St.Davids
Avondale Stores95 Lincoln St
 456 First Ave
 947 Niagara St
 503 Niagara St
 256 Fitch  St
 626 East Main St
St.Charles VillageNova Court
OK Variety35 Lincoln 
Seaway MallCustomer Service
Kay's Corner150 Thorold Rd
MacFrugal Furn244 King St
Hasty Mart401 East Main St
Port Colborne: 
Avondale Stores189 Killaly 
 242 Killaly
 302 Main St
Avondale Stores1300 Haiste St
 Pelham Plaza
 786 Cambororo Rd
Avondale Stores112 Brock St
Legion172 St.Caatharines St
Dollar Store