Kiwanis Break Open Lottery

We started this lottery in August 2002 to make some money for the Scholarships andInfinity Play place. We did this through Nevadman, who found us locations at Commissio’s on Scott Street in the Gratham Plaza. All went well until Commisso; s sold
their business to Sobeys who didn’t want break open lotteries in their stores. Nevadaman found us another location, Avondale on Facer Street and latter the Avondale on Westchester. The game is administered through the Ontario Gaming Commission, who licenses the games through the municipality. We now have location at the Avondale on Glenridge and the Avondale on MacTumbill Drive. Monies made on these lotteries are spent in the same communities and since it is all handled by Nevadaman, little volunteer work is required other that the reports to the city.

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