Kiwanis Bingo  Shout Outs

Call 1-866-552-4646

From 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm

Night of the bingo

TV Bingo

Click Here for Participating Locations. TV Bingo on Your TV Niagara is in its 12th season. Volunteers are spending their Sunday evenings in the TV control room, not to mention much of the week organizing the weekly fundraiser.    Click Here for More Information.

Duck Race

Father’s Day tradition in Port Dalhousie where 10,000 Rubber Duck are released into the water in front of the Port Dalhousie Yacht Club and race their way to the finish line near the lighthouse. Click Here for More Information.

Olde Lock One Commons 

Project “Save Lock One”, Port Dalhousie has always had it’s ups and downs. It’s fortune has been tied in the past to the success of the Welland ship canals. After the entrance to the 4th and current canal was moved many miles to the east in the 1930’s, Port suffered a slow decline as the shipbuilding & ship supply industry started to shift to other areas. Some of the old locks and wharfs were reclaimed and made into parkland, or were sold for private development.Port has had a few resurgences in the past 30 years. New shops & restaurants now occupy some of the old canal town buildings. This revitalization of Lock 1 of the Second Welland Canal will help ensure that the heritage of Port Dalhousie and it’s contribution the pre Confederation Canada will be protected and celebrated for years to come. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Kiwanis Music Festival

Kiwanis Music Festival has grown over the last four years achieving over 720 students in 2016 and sending 16 students on to the provincial competition. The Kiwanis Music Festival has the mission to encourage, nurture and support performances and educational activities within the Niagara Region. The Music Festival is one of our oldest projects and helps support the local arts from dance, vocal, strings, speech arts and much more

Kiwanis Hockey

Every year the Garden City Kiwanis Hockey league host 600 – 700 children at the Bill Burgoyne Memorial Arena. Giving children across the Niagara Region the opportunity to learn the importance of good sportsmanship, teamwork, build everlasting bonds and most importantly “The name of the game is FUN”. This program has been running over 50 years.
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